Driver Seat Retention or Replacement?

Global Trends see fewer people wishing to embark on a career in a driving job, for the past decade there has been a reported steady increase in driving vacancies going unfilled in the bus and truck sector as drivers retire and fleet managers struggle to find replacement drivers.

It is getting harder to find replacement drivers and driver retention has now become an important focus area for managers running a busy fleet.

Salary and Bonus are a key driving force in the trend (pardon the pun) but also health and wellbeing are playing more of an important factor, not only in keeping a driver happy, but reducing sick days and improving productivity in a modern fleet.

Occupational fatigue is a key issue facing drivers today, it can be a “Stop/Start” life of a City Bus or our crowded Motorways and accident tailbacks can extend the drivers stress or discomfort levels.

The driver’s seat is the one interface between the employee and the vehicle and whilst driver’s seats tend to have a lifespan of between 8/9 years they usually outlive the life of the operational vehicle. Often the seats are overlooked when refurbishing vehicles and basic maintenance such as reupholstering and foams is all that is required. Sometimes it can be far more advantageous to replace the existing seat with a modern replacement, not only to bring the vehicle up to date with the latest technological developments, but also to improve the well being and satisfaction of the driver,

Modern driving seats address key driver issues such as whole body vibration, improved comfort levels with lumbar support, adjustable armrests, headrests, weight controls of the suspension unit,  improved slide rake, greater recline function and improved ergonomic foams to make the cabin a more pleasant working environment. Other comfort areas such as heated seats, cooling air vents, adjustable seat belt shoulder loops and shoulder supports were once options, but are now finding their way as standard equipment.   

We at Be-Ge have a lot of experience when it comes to drivers seats, we are the world’s oldest manufacturer of adjustable driver seats, marketing our first suspended driver seat with individual adjustments back in 1949. Our products are designed in accordance with our core values: Safety, Quality, Ergonomics and Comfort.

Be-Ge Seating Division produces driver and passenger seats, office and 24hr chairs. Our seats are developed, manufactured and marketed by the Be-Ge Seating Division with operations in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and France.

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