Be-Ge Seating Division, Eurobus NEC / Birmingham / UK 1-3 November 2022

Eurobus NEC / Birmingham / UK 1-3 November 2022

Stand A38

Be-Ge is proud once again to be exhibiting at this Year’s Eurobus Exhibition taking place at the NEC Birmingham. Our Be-Ge bus driver seats are engineered by looking at the day to day role of a bus driver and analyzing their shift pattern throughout the day. We look at physical agents such as whole body vibration coupled with static postures and frequent twisting of the spine whilst negotiating busy traffic and parked vehicles contribute to lower back pain. Another important area is neck pain attributed to the frequent sharp turns of the head to the left and right when boarding passengers and driving.

Our bus & coach seating is developed with functions to meet the drivers requirements. Features such as easy adjustment from static to air suspension mode, shock absorption, lumbar support and safety options are available. Our ergonomically designed seats will ensure drivers can operate for long hours in a safe and comfortable working environment irrespective of drivers height, weight or stature.

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