Be-Ge Stece AB, Young students gets deeper insight into the industry

The summer is approaching and this year we have the possibility to, once again, offer 6 young students summer jobs in the industry. This is an excellent opportunity for young people to get a deeper insight into what working in the industry means, and at the same time become a valuable part of our team before the final sprint between mid-June and our vacation (week 29-32).

First of all, we priorities the young people who study the upper secondary school’s program for industrial technology, natural or technical science. At our company, young people will get experience of working in the industry and an opportunity to discover a direction for a career or future studies.

Over the years, several young students have worked with us for both shorter and longer periods after completing the studies. Several are even today permanently employed. We see this as a good sign and that we have an attractive working environment with a fantastic team.

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