Financial Result 2020/2021

The Be-Ge Group is a family-owned group of companies with operations in Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Be-Ge Seating Division,
Be-Ge Component
Division and Be-Ge Vehicle Division.

Net turnover

Invoiced sales 2020/2021

Amounts in thousands of SEK2020/212019/202018/19
Net turnover1 127 3971 193 9831 137 670
Operating profit76 26049 79767 158
Profit after net financial items79 29753 70070 852
Results for the year62 01541 41655 049

Profit margin, %7,04,56,2
Return on active capital, %14,110,214,3
Return on equity, %11,18,011,5
Equity ratio, %75,476,171,5
Investments, SEK thousands25 38729 17114 220


Profit marginal
Profit after net financial items / Invoiced sales Active capital

Active capital
Balanced sheet total – Zero-interest short-term debts

Return on active capital
(Profit after financial items + Financial expenses) /
Average active capital

Return on active capital
Profit for the year / Average equity

Adjusted equity / Total capital

Financial year
The period 1st of May – 30th of April