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The Be-Ge Group is a family-owned group of companies with operations in Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Lithuania, The Netherlands and Germany. The Group comprises of several business areas such as Be-Ge Seating division, Be-Ge Component Division and Be-Ge Vehicle Division.
Marketing and production of driver and passenger seats
Be-Ge Seating AB, Be-Ge Seating A/S and Be-Ge Seating B.V. Develops, manufactures and markets fixed and suspended driver seats, passenger seats and accessories. Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd., Be-Ge Seating GmbH and Be-Ge Seating B.V. markets and sells the seats.
Marketing and Manufacture
of Office and Surveillance chairs
Be-Ge Frapett AB develops, manufactures and markets office & surveillance chairs and accessories. Famous brands available on the labour market is Sverigestolen and UllmanStolen.
Sales and Service of Cars and Vans
Be-Ge Personbilar AB is an authorized dealer for Volkswagen private & commercial vehicles along with and Skoda sales and responsible for the aftersales support of the brands. The company has two operating sites, Oskarshamn and Vetlanda.
Sales & Service of Trucks, Buses and Heavy Goods Vehicles
Be-Ge Lastbilar AB is responsible for sales and services of Scania trucks and buses. Our Dealership Operations are conducted from our own facilities in Oskarshamn, Vetlanda, Hultsfred and Visby. Be-Ge has represented Scania trucks since 1941.
Industrial Sewing and Final Assembly of Components
Be-Ge Baltic UAB main business activity is within industrial sewing as well as the partial and final assembly of subcontracted components. The company can produce from already made templates in both electronic and paper format and also design new constructed templates.
Vehicle and Industrial Painting
Be-Ge Lackering AB perform lacquering and consists of two primary areas, Automotive and Industrial painting. Amongst the services they offer plastic repairs and corrosion protection of vehicles. Billackeringen is performed in a separate facility, where even lacquer seals and grinding of the Safety Strip is performed.
Press Components and Assembly
Be-Ge Stece AB participates in various customer projects from the first idea proposals. Prototypes and materials to finished products, tool manufactures and series delivery. The company has a broad technical knowledge and genuine design and tool expertise.
Manufacturing of Sheet metal Components
Be-Ge Plåtindustri AB manufactures sheet metal components up to 25 mm thick plate in small to medium series. The production consists of a very modern manufacturing facility where components are produced by laser cutting or metal punching.
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The Be-Ge Group - with a broad
business in six European countries

Be-Ge Företagen AB functions as a holding company and also as a finance and coordination company in the Group. The company is headquartered in Oskarshamn, Sweden.

Be-Ge Seating Division

The Be-Ge Seating Division contains companies that manufacture driver and passenger seats, office and security seats.

Be-Ge Component Division

The companies in this group manufacture, among other things, sheet metal components, press parts and tools, and perform sewing.

Be-Ge Vehicle Division

The Be-Ge Vehicle Division contains companies that sell cars and trucks and which also carry out car painting.

Be-Ge Spirit

Bror Göthe Persson started his business in 1934. The principles that Bror Göthe so successfully worked
for when the business was built up under his leadership are the foundation of the corporate culture and the ”Be-Ge spirit” that still characterises the Group.


Be-Ge Group has a long, successful and interesting history that we are very proud of.

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