Be-Ge Stece AB, Sustainability week in Mönsterås municipality

This week, 19th to 25th of September, a sustainability week is hold here in Mönsterås municipality. The theme of the year is water since it is a basic condition for all living organisms on planet earth. Clean water is a prerequisite for a sustainable development, but also for human health. Therefore, the municipality organizes several different activities based on agenda 2030 and other subjects like environment, climate, public health, and sustainable community development.

Tomorrow, we will attend in a digital webinar where the topic is sustainable industry. We will talk about our work regarding energy efficiency based on our environment goals and policies, like how we limit emissions and reduce our environmental impact etc. For example, we will talk about our new solar cell plant, how we work circularly with the recycling of metals and the reuse of scrap metal, as well as how the water from our own well is used to not waste the drinking water.

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