New product Jany ASC

Be-Ge Seating Division welcomes a new product. JANY ASC (Adjustable seat cushion) makes the seat cushions on JANY 805 adjustable. The seat cushion can be tilted up and down and extended forward and backwards for the best seating comfort. The adjustment options make it easy to adjust the seat, so it’s ergonomically correct.

JANY ASC is designed to provide optimal support and seating comfort for people of all heights.

“The next sitting position is the best” and with the JANY ASC mounted on JANY 805 there is ample opportunity to change the sitting position during long trips.

JANY 805 is particularly suitable for cars with low roofs where the seats are mounted low to provide enough headroom.

It is a great advantage with low mounted seats to be able to adjust the seat, and JANY ASC provides you with the correct ergonomic support for your legs and so increasing seating comfort considerable.

Be-Ge Seating A/S would like to wish you a nice summer!

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