Be-Ge Seating Division Maintenance & Repair Centre

Besides a reliable producer of driver and co driver seats, the Be-Ge Seating Division is also specialized in maintenance & repair of Be-Ge Seats. We are proud that we gained the order to maintain and repair 660 Be-Ge seats. These seats are in operation for more then ten years.

The specially equipped and central located Service Center of Be-Ge Seating B.V. in Zaltbommel (The Netherlands) will fulfill this job batch wise so that all customer vehicles can stay in full operation. After leaving the Maintenance & Repair Centre in Zaltbommel the seats are updated and ready for intensive use in the coming years.

Are you also interested if Maintenance & Repair of the seats can be an interesting alternative for your organization? Of course do not hesitate to contact us.

Download our Maintenance & Repair brochure on:

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