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Styrelseakademien (an academy for educating board members), SEB (a Swedish bank) and Deloitte (an audit firm) have instituted a chairman’s award called “Guldklubban”. (In English the “Gold Club”, the chairman often uses a club to verify the decisions during the board meetings.). The chairman’s role in leading the board’s work in an efficient and business-oriented manner has increasingly come into focus. The purpose of the “Guldklubban” award is to clarify and increase the awareness of this important role by highlighting good examples of how it has been exercised in practical action. The award is divided into two categories, one for listed companies and one for unlisted companies.

Erland Persson, who has been Be-Ge Företagen AB’s Chairman of the Board from 2011 until August 2020, has this year been nominated as Chairman of the Board of the year in the category unlisted companies in Kalmar County. Erland has been active in the board of directors since 1985, and until today the group has grown from having a turnover of 100 MSEK to 1 200 MSEK. We congratulate Erland on the award!