Be-Ge Seating Division, New Purchasing and Logistics Manager within Be-Ge Seating AB

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New Purchasing and Logistics Manager within Be-Ge Seating AB

“Magnus Antonsson has already worked for almost six months in his new role as Purchasing and Logistics Manager within Be-Ge Seating AB. Magnus, who took up the position on May 1st 2021, has had a turbulent start but has, together with the rest of the team, successfully created a good material supply under challenging conditions and thereby enabled continued high delivery security to our customers. In addition to the ongoing supply of materials, Magnus has the task of contributing to developing the company’s long-term conditions for growth and profitability from a purchasing perspective. We wish Magnus great luck in his new role and look forward to a successful collaboration.

General Manager /Thomas Axelsson


Thanks to everyone for a very useful introduction. After a few months in the company, I can state that there is great customer focus and a lot of expertise regarding our products. I appreciate the engagement and solution orientation in the organization which has contributed to our deliveries despite many challenges regarding material and component supply. Despite current market situation we have interesting projects ongoing which will result in cost reduction. This is crucial for our competitiveness. Looking forward to continue our good cooperation.

//Magnus Antonsson