Be-Ge Seating Division, New 3-point seat belt solution for 7000- and 9000-series

Stina News

The 3-point seat belt from Klippan is discontinued and replaced by a belt from Shield. The new belt meets the same requirements and homologations as previous versions. In connection with the change of belt model, the belt retractor is mounted behind the chair instead of on the side that was previously standard. As an option for belt buckle with switch, the version with only available with NC (normally closed) is discontinued and is replaced with a version that has both NO / NC (Normally open / normally closed). In terms of appearance, it is noted that the upper d-loop point has a hanging loop instead of a standing loop. The standard colour of the belt webbing is black. As an option, there is a red or orange belt webbing. The length of the belt strap is by default the same length as the previous accessory version with “long strap”. Spare parts kits are available with backwards compatible solutions according to updated spare part lists.

The change is implemented in production during April 2022.