All time high for the Be-Ge Group

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The year-end report for the Be-Ge Group for the financial year ending April 30, 2019 shows for the second year in a row the highest turnover and the highest result in the group’s history.

  • The turnover for the group increased with MSEK 90 and amounted to MSEK 1 138 (l.y. MSEK 1 048)
  • Earnings before taxes amounted to MSEK 71 (l.y. MSEK 65).
  • The group employed 551 persons, whereof 176 employees in our companies outside Sweden.

During the year the group’s three divisions have consolidated their different businesses and worked with the integration of the companies situated at Gotland and in Mönsterås, companies that were acquired last fiscal year.

The Vehicle Division has strengthened its position in the market and delivers a result above expectations. The market for trucks has been very strong during the year, and never before has so many new trucks been delivered. The market for cars has been disrupted by the bonus-malus rules in Sweden and the new EU-rules regarding test procedures for new cars.

The Component Division manufactures components for trucks, commercial vehicles and for the mechanical industry and offers industrial sewing and assembly services of subcontracted components. During the fiscal year the division has increased both the turnover and result compared to last year.

The Seating Division manufactures and markets driver seats, passenger seats, surveillance and office chairs and accessories for these products. For the fiscal year 2018-19 the turnover for the division has increased while the result is a bit lower. It is the foreign entities that do not fully meet the expectations, where the entities also have been affected by work regarding restructuring of the businesses.

Be-Ge Företagen ABs CEO Håkan Hjalmarsson::

”The fiscal year 2018-19 has been very successful for the Be-Ge Group, where turnover and result are again all time high. The investments in the group during the year have been limited compared to the investments that have been carried out for the preceding years. During the coming fiscal year the investments will increase again. This is necessary so the companies within the group can continue their deliveries on the present high levels and to be able to grow the business. With the future investments, a stable financial situation and our dedicated employees, the group’s three divisions will continue to grow.”

För mer information kontakta: Håkan Hjalmarsson, CEO, +46 70 624 35 37